October 1, 2022

YouTube Stories on iOS just Got this Ingenious Boost in Audio Quality

YouTube Stories on iOS are getting a marked improvement in audio quality, thanks to a new technology deployed by Google…

Stories on YouTube are about to get substantially better, at least for the iOS app. This, courtesy of a new speech enhancement Google has implemented. It comes from a technology Google unveiled a couple of years ago called “Looking to Listen.” Now, it’s making the tool available to creators who record Stories on iOS for YouTube. So, it should improve the audio quality significantly.

YouTube Stories on iOS Now Features Noise Cancellation

Google originally taught Looking to Listen about the correlations between speech and visual signals. (For instance, the speaker’s mouth movements and facial expressions.) The company did this through a large collection of online videos. Additionally, the process included a series of tests of its performance based on various visual and auditory attributes.

Google included a number of these attributes, such as age, skin tone, facial hair, dead pose, exposition of the face, voice pitch, the language spoken, glasses, and of course, the level of background noise. Google discovered that the technology’s capabilities worked well across different scenarios. However, facial hair did have some impact, though small, with close shaved faces worked best.

The new feature is already live on YouTube Stories for iOS. Creators simply need to go into the volume controls and then toggle on “Enhance speech.” Watch a short video of the noise cancellation in-action below: 

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