June 19, 2021
YouTube Stories

YouTube Gives more Creators Access to Stories, its Snapchat-Like Disappearing Video Format

YouTube Stories, a tool which works much like Snapchat or Instagram Stories, is now open to a greater number of creators on the video hosting platform…

YouTube is now making its Stories format available to even more creators. First introduced last year, debuting under the name “Reels,” it received mixed reviews from the creator community. Now, the video hosting site is letting even more people try it out.

YouTube Stories, Snapchat Pioneered Styled Format, Expands to More Creators

Creators with over 10,000 subscribers can now publish YouTube Stories. For those unfamiliar, YouTube Stories is a format that’s quite a bit like Snapchat or Instagram Stories — ephemeral style — disappearing after a certain amount of time.

But unlike the social media counterparts, YouTube Stories is different. Rather than vanish after 24 hours, these remain viewable for seven days. And, both channel subscribers and non-channel subscribers can watch the content.

YouTube Stories appear in the “Up Next” sidebar, the section where related content queues-up. Like the social media peers, viewers can also comment on YouTube Stories and send reactions. Plus, creators can respond. All these interactions are public, so anyone can see them.

YouTube Stories haven’t exactly taken off with the creator community. Although some have used it, other major personalities have shown less interest. However, with more creatives gaining access, that might change in the not too distant future.

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