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YouTube Finally Streamlines the Super Cumbersome TV Sign-In Process

YouTube Streamlines its TV Sign-In Process


YouTube has simplified the TV sign-in process, by eliminating the need to use the dreadful on-screen keyboard to start watching videos…

YouTube has vastly sped up the television sign-in process, by adding a new option that let s viewers avoid the very old and cumbersome authentication. Apparently, someone at the company finally realized that having to rely on the extremely time-consuming and error-prone TV keyboard just wasn’t efficient at all. Now, it’s possible to forgo that slow and intricate method and even skip over using a desktop or mobile web browser.

YouTube Streamlines its TV Sign-In Process

YouTube’s television platform has always substantially lagged behind its dedicated mobile app and its desktop counterparts. It’s far less user-friendly and not nearly as intuitive as the other two’s navigation, discovery, and watch experiences have been and remain to this day. This is most obvious when it comes to signing into the video hosting platform on a TV.

Authenticating an account on a television meant having to go through the dedicated on-screen keyboard, to enter a username and password. Although it was possible to sign in on a web browser, it still required extra steps to begin viewing content. Thankfully, there’s now a much faster way and it’s supported by the mobile app on both Android and iOS.

Just open the YouTube app on a phone or tablet and provided that both the television and the handheld device are on the same Wi-Fi network, sign in with ease. This makes account authentication a cinch and launches right into the site in a jiffy. It’s too bad it took this long to streamline the process, but it’s better late than never.

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