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YouTube Asks Creators to Opt into a New Monetization System

YouTube Super Chat creator monetization

A new YouTube Super Chat creator monetization push begins as the video hosting site hopes to retain and attract more talent…

Although YouTube dominates video hosting on the web, it’s facing more and more threatening competition. To keep it on top, the platform is pushing new monetization features. Now, the company is even showing its willingness to pay creators to promote those revenue streams.

The Google subsidiary is reportedly offering some of its top talents up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is, if those individuals agree to opt into a new donation and paid membership system introduced earlier this year.

YouTube Super Chat Creator Monetization Push Starts

Apparently, it’s an attempt to prevent top influencers from leaving and going over to competitors. (Sites like Twitch and Patreon present the biggest draws.) YouTube launched Super Chat in January, a program which allows viewers to “tip” YouTube creators during a live stream. The site rewards the tipper with a sticky comment, which remains viewable for a time related to the amount of the donation.

While the option does give creators the power to better monetize live streams, it’s not exactly a popular choice. In fact, it’s not been embraced widely in any meaningful way. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that YouTube takes a cut of 30 percent. So, the tried-and-true alternative of selling sponsored content and taking a percentage of advertising dollars remains highly preferable.

YouTube seeks to offset the difference by paying influencers to promote this tool. Additionally, the video hosting site is paying creators to promote its Sponsorships subscription service.

By incentivizing creators to use the new features, YouTube hopes to keep them on the platform longer. Opting into the programs do not prohibit creators from posting on other sites. Although, terms do require content creators to first post on YouTube before syndicating to other platforms.

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