September 16, 2022
YouTube Testing Quarterly and Semiannual Channel Memberships for Creator Supporters

YouTube is Testing 3- and 6-Month Channel Memberships in these Five Countries, including the US

Google is experimenting with a new way to support creators’ channels, with a new membership program that lasts 3 or 6 months…

YouTube creators not only earn money through ad revenue sharing, but also, through direct viewer support through memberships or sponsorships. However, these are setup as month-to-month payments, which can be a bit tedious for payees to deal with. So, Google is testing a new program that allows channel supporters to prepay for 3 to 6 months.

YouTube Testing Quarterly and Semiannual Channel Memberships for Creator Supporters

Google recently updated one of its web pages for creators to announce it was in the process of experimenting with the new quarterly and semiannual memberships. It will officially kick off on Monday, August 3rd, 2020. And, it will debut in the United States, as well as India, France, Germany, and Spain. Plus, it will tentatively run for about three months.

Although, there’s no mention if the company will offer some type of bulk discount. Should that or other things materialize, it will provide more peace of mind to creators about the near future of their revenue flow. Google explains on a YouTube support page:

“Channel memberships prepaid experiment: Starting Aug 3rd, 2020, we’ll run an experiment that will allow viewers to purchase either a three-month or six-month channel membership in one single payment. This option will be available to most viewers in the US, India, France, Germany, and Spain for up to three months.”

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