September 15, 2022
YouTube Time watched

Now, YouTube Tells Viewers when to Take a Break from Binge Watching

YouTube “Time watched,” a new digital wellbeing platform, helps users to improve their viewing habits, with plenty of options…

Google first announced its Digital Wellbeing initiative back at its annual I/O conference this year. These include break reminders and notifications to help users better manage their time. Now, the company has launched “YouTube Time watched” as part of that effort.

YouTube ‘Time Watched,’ Digital Wellbeing Dashboard, Rolls Out to Android, iOS

The new YouTube Time watched feature shows users how much they’ve consumed on a particular day, the day before, and over the past 7 days:

“To give you a better understanding of how much you watch, we’ve built a profile that’s available in your account menu rolling out starting today. This profile tells you how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday and over the past 7 days.”

It also includes a daily average. The delivered stats only include YouTube itself, not YouTube Music or YouTube TV. Additionally, any videos deleted and Incognito views are not included in the numbers. What’s more stats aren’t compiled when the history toggle is set off.

Furthermore, Google provides a tool to keep viewers in-check with breaks:

“Once you know how much time you’re spending in the app, you may want to set a limit. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun, which is why we’ll help you set up a reminder to take a break. Just head over to your settings and pick the amount of YouTube time that’s right for you. Once you’ve hit that limit, a friendly reminder will pop up on your screen.”

Additionally, YouTube now offers a change to its push notifications. Users can opt to receive just one notification per day, in a digest form. Also, the video hosting service provides an option to turn off all notifications with sound and vibration from 10 o’clock in the evening to 8am. 

YouTube Time watched options screenshots
Credit: Google / 9to5Google