September 15, 2022
YouTube Timestamp Placement Changes

YouTube Modifies How it Displays its Time Stamps in Minor Tweak to the UI

YouTube has apparently made a very small alteration on where and how it shows its time stamps, according to various user reports…

It certainly looks like YouTube is in the midst of pushing out some very tiny adjustments to its UI or user interface. For instance, how the video hosting site treats its smart television interface recently changed, now highlighting around video boxes, which replaced a larger bottom block indicator. Also, there appears to be a change with its time stamps.

YouTube Timestamp Placement Changes

YouTube time stamps have been modified. The total run-time stamp, for example, previously resided at the very end of the playback progress bar. Now, it’s been shifted over to the current timestamp. Tapping on the current time stamp switches it over to the time remaining and vice-versa.

Additionally, the shorthand info display tucked under the video title now includes the upload time frame relative to the current day. However, tapping on the title bar still triggers the same function — it reveals the exact view count. Plus, the specific upload date located at the top of the description box, remains the same.

These are very negligible but noticeable changes and look as though they’re becoming widespread. If part of a complete roll out, everyone should start to see them.

Ashley Lipman

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