July 29, 2021
YouTube TV playback features

The Latest YouTube TV Updated brings New Experience Features

YouTube TV has rolled out a new update which brings with it progressive fast-forward, an improved content discovery UI, and more…

Streaming service YouTube TV only became available to all US markets back in March. Then, in April, the service hiked its monthly subscription prices substantially. Now, it’s introducing a few new features, including progressive fast-forwarding, a better content suggestion interface, and more.

YouTube TV Adds New Playback and Discovery Features

YouTube TV now offers progressive fast-forward, which quickens the advancement pace the longer the user presses on the seek bar. It now includes 15-second, 30-second, and 1-minute increments.

With the update comes a larger preview thumbnail. Also, the content discovery and network shortcuts now reside under tabs, which remain hidden until open with the remote.

The latest YouTube TV update is now available and is rolling out to all subscribers. 

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