December 9, 2021
YouTube TV app masthead ads roll out

YouTube Starts Showing Giant Masthead Ads on its TV Apps

YouTube TV app masthead ads roll out, after months of testing, creating another lucrative revenue stream for the video hosting site…

As previously reported, YouTube tested running huge ads within its masthead. Now, the trial run has ended, and unsurprisingly, it was a success for the video hosting site in terms of new ad revenue.

YouTube TV App Masthead Ads go Live

YouTube first began experimenting with the format back in October. The company was exploring another way to squeeze additional revenue out of its platform. One untapped resource was in its TV app masthead, something it’s already been using on its desktop interface.

For those unfamiliar with a nomenclature, the masthead is the giant rectangular box that sits atop the video carousel. It’s been a place for displaying ads for some time now on the web, but YouTube is ready to bring it to television app experiences.

It’s actually somewhat hard to believe it’s taken this long to monetize this space given YouTube and parent company Google are both in the advertising business.

“Over the last month, FOX has been testing the Masthead on TV screens as part of their strategy to drive awareness for their hit show, The Masked Singer. Natalie Park, VP of Media, FOX says ‘This first-of-its-kind initiative reaches viewers where they live, right at their point of viewing, and with YouTube’s scale, it’s the perfect partnership and a fantastic way to promote our #1 show.'”

Credit: YouTube

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