November 5, 2022
YouTube TV updated guide and autoplay tests

YouTube TV is Testing both a Revamped Guide Interface and a New Autoplay Feature

YouTube TV is testing with a new guide experience while it also experiments with a new autoplay feature, open only to limited number of subscribers…

This week, YouTube TV is testing a couple of new changes with a small set of subscribers. It’s experimenting with a refreshed guide UI and an autoplay feature.

YouTube TV Experimenting with Updated Guide UI and Testing New Autoplay Feature

A few Reddit users first spotted the tests. The guide is more block-heavy, with definitive block breaks. But, most of the current interface remains intact.

More interesting is the introduction of a new autoplay feature. It automatically plays recommended content when the app is opened. (The autoplay feature can be disabled in the settings menu.)

A YouTube TV employee confirmed on Reddit the autoplay feature and the revamped guide are slowly rolling out.

Image Credit u/fritzo81

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