September 14, 2021
YouTube TV progressive web app debuts

YouTube TV Starts Prompting Subscribers to Install its New Progressive Web App

YouTube TV now has a new progressive web app and is asking subscribers to install it for quicker access to the platform…

Progressive web apps or PWAs are supposed to be the future.

The term, coined by engineers at Google, represent a new way of accessing sites. Instead of downloading software, these merely require a shortcut. So, there’s no need to periodically update them. However, they still have all the functionality of native applications.

Recently, Google transformed (at least a portion) of Google Drive into a PWA. It’s also done much the same for Google Photos and Twitter and Microsoft also have products they’ve turned into progressive web apps. Now, YouTube TV joins the list.

YouTube TV Progressive Web App Debuts

YouTube TV is now prompting its customers to install its progressive web app for quick access. When subscribers open the desktop site, a notification pops-up, with an option to install the YouTube TV PWA.

“Use YouTube TV every day? Open it faster by installing the app for your computer.”

Apparently, installing the new YouTube TV delivers pretty much the same experience as the traditional site. The exceptions being the address bar and other browser UI elements disappear from the program.

Here’s a screenshot 9to5Google posted:

YouTube TV progressive web app screenshot
Credit: 9to5Google

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