May 20, 2022
YouTube TV Tests New Guide

YouTube TV’s Latest Experiment brings Cable Box Style Guide to its UI

YouTube TV is apparently working on a new guide interface that’s strongly reminiscent of the traditional set-top cable box style…

YouTube TV is a great alternative to cable. But, like other cord-cutting services, its line-up guide leaves viewers with something to desire. A prime example is just how well-honed traditional cable services deliver neatly organized viewing guides. Of course, those new to such a difference must go through a bit of a learning curve to get acquainted and comfortable with how they interact. Fortunately, Google is readying a more familiar format.

YouTube TV Tests New Guide Interface

The new YouTube TV channel guide design is fairly standard in appearance, showing live and upcoming shows on each network displayed in a grid, making it easier to see what’s on at a glance. It even boasts a picture-in-picture feature that shows previews when selected and there are also new easy-to-see logos for favorite channels. All of this makes it strikingly similar to traditional cable.

Based on the Reddit thread discussing these UI changes, it looks like the new features are only available to some subscribers at the moment, and Google has not yet made any announcements about when all customers might see them.

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