October 1, 2022
YouTube Uptime app

YouTube Uptime App, Once Limited Experiment, Opens to All on iOS

The YouTube Uptime app, developed inside Google Area 120, which allows users to watch videos together and interact, is now available to all iOS users…

Back in March, Googlers working in Area 120, an experimental space on the search giant’s campus, launched YouTube Uptime, a video sharing app. 

YouTube Uptime App, Previously Limited Experiment, Fully Rolls Out on iOS

YouTube Uptime gives its users the ability to watch videos on the popular media hosting platform together, even when not in the same place. The app is flashy, with neon colors, blending elements of Facebook Live, YouTube, and Periscope. Uptime makes YouTube video social by allowing users react and comment on the content in real-time.

“Uptime is a place to share and watch videos together with friends no matter where they are. Easily share your favorite YouTube video and bring friends together to watch, chat, and have fun in real-time,” the app’s landing page explains.

When first released, Uptime appeared only in the Apple App Store for iOS, with limitations. Now, it’s open to all iOS users, according to a fresh report by TechCrunch. Curiously, the YouTube Uptime app isn’t available in the Google Play Store for Android.

Since its initial launch, Google has added more features to Uptime, including a friend-finding option, similar to Facebook. Additionally, support for music videos is now included, as well as a refresh home screen. The revamp makes it easier to find interesting content to view. Users can join one another and watch in real-time or view later, but still see others’ reactions, which provides a more interactive experience.

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