August 6, 2022
YouTube verification

YouTube Changes its Verification Standards to Make the Designation more Difficult and Some Users will Lose Theirs

YouTube verification is getting more difficult to earn and could well cause some people to lose theirs, as changes go into effect…

Video hosting site YouTube is about to make earning its verification designation a lot harder to qualify. The services has outlined a revamp of its verification process.

YouTube Verification Update makes It Harder to Earn and Some Accounts will Lose Theirs

Going forward, YouTube will no longer require 100,000 subscribers. Instead, it will approve channels based on authenticity and prominence. This means it will work more like it does on social media networks — concern over impostors who create confusion.

The updated system will go into effect in October. At that time, any channel meeting the new guidelines will automatically retain their previous verification. However, those who don’t meet the new standards will receive notice and must file an appeal.

Additionally, YouTube will change how it displays verified accounts. Rather than a check-mark or musical note, a new grey background to the text will appear. This helps to make it clear verification isn’t an endorsement by YouTube.

The company hasn’t disclosed how it will verify channels without their involvement. But, rumors suggest it will use a combination of algorithms and human raters.

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