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YouTube will Take Up 75 Percent of Mobile Screen Displays with New Ad Format

YouTube vertical ads

YouTube vertical ads are coming to the video hosting platform because 70 percent of watch time comes from mobile devices alone…

Over the past few months, YouTube has successfully transformed the dreaded vertical video format into something a lot more natural. First, the video host supported full-size verticals on mobile without displaying disruptive black bars. Then, it rolled a similar feature out to its desktop experience in July. Now, the company is going further with the vertical format. This time, in the form of ads.

YouTube Vertical Ads Announced

When implemented, the YouTube player will detect if a user is watching content on mobile and then, expand ads based on the video’s dimensions. What’s more, YouTube vertical ads will appear larger than the landscape format, taking up a full 75 percent of the screen. Tapping on YouTube vertical ads will actually expand them to occupy the entire screen. The company explains:

“Vertical video ads provide a big, beautiful canvas to deliver your message on mobile and allow engagement with your customers in a way that fits their viewing preferences.”

The video hosting site is making the move at the request of brands. After all, 70 percent of all watch time comes from mobile devices. So, it’s understandable advertisers would eagerly jump at the chance.

YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mahon tells The Drum vertical is becoming more mainstream:

“As more video gets shot vertically, we want to take advantage of the full canvas and not just have it rammed into the horizontal [layout] with black bars on the side.”

Automaker Hyundai is one of the first to use the format to introduce its newest SUV.

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