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YouTube Video Editor, Photo Slideshow Tools, Shutting Down September 20th

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The convenient YouTube video editor and photo slideshow tools are going away this September 20th but Enhancements will still be available…

The YouTube Video Editor and YouTube Photo slideshows will no longer be available after September 20th, 2017. The popular video platform is the world’s largest and most engaged on the internet but it’s now shutting down these two popular tools. 

YouTube Video Editor, Photo Slideshow Tools, to Shut Down on September 20th

Google, the owner of YouTube, recently updated the help page (pictured below), adoring it with a yellow highlight, complete with an orange triangle, containing an exclamation point. In part, the announcement reads, “If you’re currently using Video Editor or Photo slideshows, you have until September 20, 2017 to finish and publish your projects. After this date, your projects will no longer be accessible. Any videos published with the Video Editor or Photo slideshows before September 20, 2017, will not be affected.”

Although Video Editor and Photo slideshows are going away, YouTube Enhancements will still be available through Video Manager. There, users can still, “improve your uploaded videos in Video Manager using Enhancements to make edits such as trim, blur and filter.” While Enhancements does provide some useful features, it does not support video creation.

YouTube states it’s shutting down Video Editor and Photo slideshows because there are plenty of editing tools available, both free and paid. Users who already have any content in either of these tools have until September 20th to finish their productions and publish them.

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