August 4, 2022
YouTube video publishing

YouTube Video Publishing Dominates the Competition

YouTube video publishing far exceeds posting to other platforms, including Facebook, Vimeo, and other channels, according to Twitter audience respondents…

YouTube video publishing seriously outpaces its competition, according to a new survey conducted of Search Engine Journal’s Twitter audience. Leading the way with 85 percent, YouTube is the dominate video publishing platform.

YouTube Video Publishing used 85 Percent of the Time

While YouTube video publishing captures 85 percent, Facebook only takes a surprising 11 percent. Even more surprising is Vimeo’s zero performance, with just 4 percent of other platforms accounting for the remainder.

YouTube video publishing chart
Credit: Search Engine Journal

A deeper look into the statistics tell us why YouTube is king of video content: 50 percent of subscribers ages 18 to 34, state they will drop what they are doing in order to watch a new video by one of their favorite creators. Additionally, advertisers using other channels can reach 56 percent more 18- to 49-year olds by also promoting videos on YouTube.

However, Facebook is gaining more traction. In 2015, Facebook videos increased by 75 percent per person and video content receives 135 percent more organic reach than still images. These numbers point to the reasons why Facebook is pushing video so much.

“When it comes to online video, one word summarizes the trends in consumer behavior: ‘more.’ […] consumers are spending more time on more devices with more focus and passion for online video than ever,” according to Think with Google.

At the beginning of November, Google shopping ads carousels appeared on YouTubeBack in September of this year, YouTube launched a new feature directly targeting Facebook Pages. Called “Community” and replacing the Discussions tab, it’s built from Google Plus, and seeks to take away from the Facebook Pages market. In August, Pinterest announced a launch of video ads to compete with rivals Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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