December 2, 2021
YouTube web browser live stream

YouTube is Making Web Browser Live Streams a Cinch and It’s Testing Autoplay Video Subtitles

Google just released a new YouTube web browser live stream tool that’s available today and the video hosting site is testing autoplay video subtitles…

Google has launched a new desktop live streaming option that works with Chrome. Instead of using an encoder, the company makes it easy by simply visiting

YouTube Web Browser Live Streaming Now Available

The wide release comes after a testing period with a limited number of creators live streaming beauty tutorials, product reviews, and more. It currently only work with Chrome but Google states other browsers will also get support. The new YouTube web browser live stream feature only require a regular webcam. (There is no additional equipment needed.)

The company states it is also making the option available to certain phones. These include ASUS, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung, with other manufacturers being added in the next few months.

If the feature gains popularity, it definitely could cement the site’s dominance as the leading video host.

YouTube Home Page Autoplay Video Subtitles Test Spotted

Additionally, Google appears to also be currently testing an autoplay video subtitle feature. (The company started testing home page autoplay videos for Android back in October.) It’s highly experimental and only a select number of users are actually seeing it in action. Those who have access do see autoplay videos but without sound (which is the most likely reason for the subtitles). The folks over at Android Police posted the following GIF:

YouTube autoplay video subtitles
Credit: Android Police