September 25, 2022
YouTube will Remind Users to Keep Comments Respectful before Posting

YouTube is Taking New Steps to Stop Bullying, Hate Speech, and Nasty Comments

YouTube is broadening its efforts to clean up its comments section of nasty remarks, hate speech, and bullying, with a new warning prompt…

Anyone who has been on YouTube and read the comments section knows not everything posted is appropriate or even warranted. This is certainly true of controversial videos, especially those about politics, religion, and other sensitive subjects. Now, Google is taking new steps to reduce the bile, starting with Android and then onto other platforms (though when isn’t yet known).

YouTube will Remind Users to Keep Comments Respectful before Posting

The new feature is similar to the one recently released by Facebook photo and video sharing subsidiary, Instagram. Prior to a comment being published on the video hosting site, a new pop-up window will surface with a polite reminder to “Keep comments respectful.” The commenter can either edit his or her remarks or post it as-is. (The company states the mere presence of the prompt doesn’t necessarily mean a comment is in violation of its rules or the post will be removed.)

But, it should help people to take a moment to pause and reconsider if what they write is appropriate. YouTube is also testing a new tool for YouTube Studio which automatically filters out “potentially inappropriate and hurtful comments.”

YouTube Keep Comments Respectful warning prompt
Credit: YouTube/Google

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