August 9, 2022

English-Spanish Translation

With millions of Spanish speaking consumers in the United States, many companies are reaching out to provide accessibility to this demographic. Looking for information on a wide range of products and services, these consumers prefer to interact with their native language. Your company website can be a resource for these individuals and families with our English-Spanish translation service.

Being able to effectively communicate what your business is about and its reliability is crucial to forming trust. What’s more, research in the marketing and search engine optimization fields reveals that it’s no longer a luxury or a convenience to make available Spanish content.

The Numbers Behind Spanish Speaking Consumers

A full 20 percent of all Spanish speaking consumers will only consume content in their native language. In addition, 28 percent will choose Spanish language content over English when it’s an option, these figures according to a study done by comScore. Those percentages combined are¬†a very¬†compelling reason to have your website offer both English and Spanish.

The numbers make a powerful case as the Latino population in the United States is approximately 17 percent or 53 million, according to the US Census Bureau, and a whopping 78 percent of that demographic are online searching for products and services.

Our Experienced English-Spanish Translation Service

It’s clear that there are a substantial number of native Spanish consumers who prefer to interact with content in their own language and those consumers are actively using the internet to find what they need, be it answers to questions, a certain product, or a particular service.

Harness the opportunity to reach a wider, more diverse audience and start increasing your bottom line today.