October 1, 2022
Android Chrome 57 progressive web apps

Android Chrome 57 Progressive Web Apps Part of the Release

Android Chrome 57 progressive web apps will appear as part of the app drawer, settings, and home screen, for better mobile user experience…

The progressive web apps initiative, backed heavily by Google, represent an ambitious technological feat. Progressive web apps or PWAs will deliver the same capabilities and features native apps boast, but will do so without an initial mobile user download. To achieve this, Google is granting increased system-wide access integration with Android.

Android Chrome 57 Progressive Web Apps Included with the Future Version

As progressive web apps become available, a concern is users will experience confusion. Because PWAs are a native app download, the software is absent from the app drawer and settings. Now, that’s changing. PWAs will appear in the app drawer, sport an info screen, and be accessible in settings. These changes will come in the next few weeks.

“With this new version, once a user adds a Progressive Web App to their Home screen, Chrome will integrate it into Android in a much deeper way than before. For example, Progressive Web Apps will now appear in the app drawer section of the launcher and in Android Settings, and will be able to receive incoming intents from other apps. Long presses on their notifications will also reveal the normal Android notification management controls rather than the notification management controls for Chrome,” Yaron Friedman explains on the official Chromium blog.

With this access and integration, Google is taking yet another step to truly “make web apps first-class citizens of Android. 

In other app news, Google Maps live parking information is now available in twenty-five cities. Also, the Google News AMP search results is now double the size, accounting for more query listings.

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