June 23, 2022

Android Maps Gets an Overhaul

Android Maps Gets an Overhaul
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Mountain View, California–The Android Maps app has undergone a makeover, one which is packed with new features, designed to make the app more interactive, and intuitive. The updates come after a preview was presented in May at the I/O developers conference.

The Android Maps update has a lot to offer, with the new interface reacting more quickly than the previous version. Among the improvements are better browsing features and a smarter Android Maps navigation system that allows users to negotiate traffic obstacles, showing the fastest alternative routes.

Android Maps App Enhancements

Not only will users be able to see real-time traffic conditions and find nearby places, this version of Android Maps has built-in cards which display, “great places to eat, drink, sleep and shop,” Google wrote in a blog post. The app also includes Zagat ratings for restaurants, bars and cafes.

Another feature included in the overhaul is an Android offline maps option, which allows users to enter a destination or point on a map and save it for viewing later.

Other Changes Related to Android Maps

The “My Maps” feature isn’t include as of yet in the new update, but will return in future versions, Google promises. As with many updates of core apps, Google stated that it would be retiring Latitude next month, a tool which allows users to share their precise location with others in their contact list. However, a similar function is available in Google Plus, under the location sharing settings and check-in feature.

Google+ has likewise undergone some changes recently, with new updates that allow users not directly connected to see +1’s of friends of friends, allowing users to upload GIF images as their profile pic, as well as the power-packing put into the Google+ dashboard.

So far, the Android Maps update is available only on Android smartphones and tablets, but Google states that the improved version will arrive on iOS devices soon.

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