November 26, 2021
FakeOff App Detects Fake Facebook Accounts

FakeOff App Detects Fake Facebook Accounts

Israel–A new detection software called the FakeOff app has been released and its creators claim it can find fake Facebook accounts, which are estimated to be 10 percent of the social network’s reported 1.35 billion users. Eliran Shachar, the app’s developer, states that in excess of the purely fake Facebook profiles, there are many more which use false or composite identities to spam the social platform or scam real users.

The purpose of the detection application is to identify possible personal and commercial security breaches, and to help uncover accounts which are spamming the social site.

How the FakeOff App Works

Shachar says the app works by employing sophisticated algorithms which can digitally investigate user profiles. It scans suspect accounts for 365 days, recording all timeline activity, and scanning the internet for stolen images. Along with its algorithmic features and outside network investigation, the app forms a scale of credibility ranging from 1 to 10.

“Twenty-four per cent of investigations conducted in the app return as fake. A fake profile can be very complex and some of the fakes that we help the users find is only for their eyes so we can’t know the final result from the photo scan results, but the user easily can,” Shachar said in a press statement.

Facebook by the Numbers

Of the 1.35 billion Facebook accounts, Shachar believes that 7.9 are duplicates, 2.1 percent are mis-classified by users, and 1.2 are spam or “undesirable”. The social network itself believes that 143 million accounts might be false or duplicate, most of which originate out of Turkey and India.

In the latest figures available, monthly usage of Facebook stood at 1.19 billion; and, analysts estimate adjusted earnings of 27 cents per share on revenue of $2.34 billion for the latest earnings. However, shares of social network, scheduled to report fourth-quarter results, slipped $1.70, or 3 percent, to $52.75 per share. The social platform’s earnings remain steady, thanks to its acquisition of Instagram and through its mobile ad revenue.

Recent statistics show that Facebook is losing its youngest users despite its attempts to find new attraction and retention inroads.

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