August 5, 2022
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Japanese ‘LINE’ Makes It to the US Market

Japanese ‘LINE’ Makes It to the American MarketTokyo, Japan–If you are anything like me, you were probably not aware of the LINE app until now. It is true it has just appeared in the American android market not too long ago, but this novelty app has been talked about for quite a while.

Much like the messaging platform Whatapp, the messaging platform lets its customers communicate via text for free, through their data plan. However, unlike Whatsapp, this messaging app offers several other unique, effective, and fun ways to communicate. Their main way to draw customers in is not precisely the fact that they can communicate via voice messaging/ video chatting, but most importantly, the ability to communicate via stickers.

LINE Stickers

“Now instead of typing they use stickers,” says Jeanie Han, the head of marketing and business development of LINE. “There are so many stickers that it replaces words, so you don’t need to even type anymore.”

Stickers are the staple of app. Much like emoticons, Stickers provide visuals that evoke or represent a specific emotions, action, and/or thing.  Most of these stickers are pretty darn cute, and it is this what makes customers go beyond the few free stickers offered by the service.

A Plethora of Features

As Forbes reports, Japan-headquartered LINE is one of the most popular messaging apps in Asia alongside KakaoTalk, based in South Korea, and WeChat of China. It claims 190 million registered users worldwide, and says 80% of them are active on a monthly basis. Now, after establishing partnerships with high-profile celebrities in Asia and Europe, it is looking to expand its presence in the United States.

The app is more than a messaging platform; LINE has a ‘line’ of many apps. It has a proprietary camera, an app that lets you decorate your photos by using a selection of over 700 original stickers and over 100 frames; cards, an app that lets you create cards with personal messages, and LINE brush, a platform that lets you create drawings with over 27 stylish brushes & 15 photo brushes.

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