August 4, 2022

LinkedIn Updates Its Mobile App

LinkedIn Invites
LinkedIn Invites
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Mountain View, California–The business networking site, LinkedIn, is continuing its push to make the site a bit more social. In its newest update of the business connection site’s mobile app, content reigns king and there are noticeable improvements to its news stream.

The redesign centers around content-driven features, like its new mention option, which is more proof the business site is mainstreaming its network. It also comes at a time when Facebook has made some big changes and Twitter is refreshing its mobile apps.

The reworked apps for Android and Apple iOS  offer a more rich user experience than its previous mobile versions, the most notable changes are to its integration of three key features: conversations, updates and original content.

Essentially, the redesigned app mostly centers around the network’s updated home screen, which is a scrollable stream combination, comprised of both news and updates which allows users to interact with one another through in-app messaging.

When a user swipes the home screen to the right, he or she sees the mobile app’s navigation page, which includes the settings, user profile, in-network inbox, recent activity and a continually updated stream ticker. This screen is also home to the app’s customizable “shortcuts”, which link to various other features like groups, companies and connections.

LinkedIn has been widely regarded as a professional, career oriented site and its endorsement feature is a powerful tool, adding more credibility to user profiles.

The business network is making decidedly trending toward generated content, something that’s no surprise given its recent acquisition of the popular news aggregator and reader Pulse for $90 million. The professional network described the purchase as a move toward a “definitive professional publishing platform – where all professionals come to consume content and where publishers come to share their content.”

On its blog, the business networking platform wrote that it planned to expand search and personalization options in the near future. LinkedIn has approximately 200 million users worldwide and an estimated revenue stream of $972 million.

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