May 22, 2022

Twitter Auto Follow Back Now Prohibited

Twitter Auto Follow Back Now Prohibited
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San Francisco, California–One of the internet’s most popular microblogging social media sites has updated its ToS, or Terms of Service, reflecting a change in user interaction.

Account holders will no longer be able to use any Twitter auto follow back applications, though the social platform does still allow for automatic welcome direct messages. This move follows a long-standing trend of discouraging use of any auto follow back twitter tool which the microblog has followed practically since its inception but until now has not made official.

Twitter Auto Follow Back

Apps which auto follow back on Twitter have been allowed up to this point, but many social media promoters warn that using such tools, though not violating Twitter’s ToS, posses a risk to marketing efforts.

And the development group of the microblog has finally made it expressly clear, “Accounts which follow-back may quickly find their home-timeline useless due to too much noise if they didn’t carefully pick and choose who to follow. We still welcome services which perform analyses on recent followers and highlight those that may interest you, but only if these services only allow you to follow back each account individually and manually,”  wrote @truebe, a member of Platform Operations, on the Twitter Developer Forum.

The social platform has made changes in the past, such as removing its Facebook integration feature and made improvements to allow greater development of its mobile app cards.

A Sign of More Changes to Come

Industry insiders, as well as SEO, SEM, and other marketing professionals wonder if the recent blocking of apps which auto follow back Twitter, is only the first of more restrictions the microblog will adopt. Some believe that the prohibition will make the social site more interactive on a personal level. Others point out that by disallowing automated tools, individuals and businesses will have to devote more time and resources to keep up with their accounts.

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