January 12, 2022

Twitter Refreshes Mobile Apps to Support Proprietary Cards

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San Francisco, California–Social media giant Twitter released an upgraded version of its proprietary applications for both Android powered devices and the iPhone yesterday, adding, some brand new features, such as support for its new Twitter Cards–a development API the microblogging site announced at a developer gathering on this past Tuesday evening.

Additional types of content are among the New Card app, which include things like photo galleries and product information. It also supports expanding tweet portions. This, is perhaps Twitter’s way of upgrading some user features as Google+ is now allowing GIF profile images.

Users who “plug in” the App Card and Product Cards will be able to see the ratings of apps, the prices associated with those apps and an product description, along with an image.

Twitter has also announced its new support for what it calls “deep linking” through a mobile app. The feature gives users the option to view tweets directly from inside the app or users can opt to download that particular app onto their mobile phone straight from the tweet.

The microblog’s Android version got some more updates as well. The timelines are taller and wider, filling the display screen and the mobile platform has a flat navigational bar. This new bar allows users to simply swipe in order to change tabs. Search suggestion is likewise included, so when a query is entered, Twitter will automatically begin displaying handles and hashtag suggestions, streamlining the search process.

Twitter has stated that these new updates will be made available to all users in the next several days. The news comes on the heels of the rumored Facebook phone.

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