October 1, 2022

YouTube Debuts MixBit, a Video Sharing App

YouTube Debuts MixBitSan Bruno, California–The creators of YouTube have come out with their own video snapping and sharing app, taking on Twitter’s Vine and Facebook’s Instagram.

Available in the Apple App Store now, and due for download in the next couple of weeks in Google Play, the new video sharing app, called MixBit, allows users to put together a collection of short clips from other users to create longer videos.

YouTube Mixes It Up with MixBit

The main features of the video shooting and sharing app are being able to capture video, edit it, and upload it from your mobile device. However, unlike Vine, which limits users to six seconds of video, and Instagram, which gives users fifteen seconds of recording time, MixBit allows users to shoot anywhere from just one second to a full hour. Individual clips are limited to sixteen seconds, but when patched together, a full length video can have as many as 256 clips.

Users can either delete or edit their videos, then save their work or upload it to MixBit.com. The site is currently under construction, but should be available for use sometime today. At present, clicking over to the main site redirects to another page which contains open job positions with the company.

Social Media Impact

It’s unclear how the co-founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, will allow MixBit to interact with other social media platforms. Possibly, the new video sharing app will allow its users to add familiar features common to other social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Tagging is one of those popular features, along with hashtags, and resharing.

The founders of MixBit, three former PayPal employees, created YouTube in February of 2005, and the video site was purchased by Google for $1.65 billion in November of 2006. YouTube currently has billion unique users visiting the site every month, and 6 billion hours of video are watched monthly, according to the site’s official statistics page. The video-centric site has also debuted paid channels.

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