January 26, 2022
accidental WordPress post publishing

How to Avoid Accidental WordPress Post Publishing

Learn a few methods to help prevent accidental WordPress post publishing on your blog or website to help save time, effort, and avoid embarrassment…

WordPress is a powerful CMS or Content Management System. It simplifies practically every element of uploading a site and maintaining a presence on the web. WordPress site owners enjoy many benefits, including the ability to regularly publish custom content to build their businesses and spread brand awareness.

However, there are times when accidental WordPress post publishing becomes an issue. If it does happen, you’ll certainly want to prevent repeating the mistake.

How to Avoid Accidental WordPress Post Publishing

There are several reasons accidental post or page publishing can spell trouble. For instance, if you set up the Jetpack Publicize plugin, it will automatically send your published posts to your social profiles and pages. This saves a lot of time and effort, so you don’t have to manually share content on every network, one-by-one. But, if your post is incomplete or contains grammatical and spelling errors, this will still go out and you’ll have to delete the updates on social media.

Originally launched in 2003, WordPress has become perhaps the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Today, WordPress is used by more than 74 million sites that publish new posts every second. No matter the size of the blog that is using WordPress. This widely used CMS has become a favorite among businesses because of how powerful of a tool it is. — Entrepreneur.com (Source)

Another scenario is forgetting to include key information or perhaps not including an image, hashtags, links, or other things. Even if you don’t have an automatic post social share plugin or service on your site, these things still take time to correct. Some site owners also configure an email blast to go along with posts.

Ways to Avoid Accidental WordPress Post Publishing

Whatever the circumstances, it’s good to know a few ways to avoid accidental WordPress post publishing:

  • Publish Confirm. The Publish Confirm plugin is one many web designers, bloggers, and marketers use because it’s very simple. As with any WordPress plugin, you can install it instantly through a search or choose to download a zip file, then upload it to your site.
  • WP Status Notifier. The Post State Notifier is another plugin but it does something a bit different. It sends a notification to one or more administrators when a contributor or author submit a post for review. 
  • Turn on Proofreading. Use the proofreading feature by logging into the WordPress site and change your own user profile personal options. Go to Dashboard > Users > Profile > Personal Options. Under “Automatically proofread content when,” check the box next to “a post or page is updated.”

If the plugins misbehave and cause one or more fatal errors, there’s a way to manually delete WordPress plugins through GoDaddy or other hosting providers.

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