August 7, 2022
how to optimize a website for local search

How to Optimize a Website for Local Search


how to optimize a website for local searchLearn how to optimize a website for local search…

The process of optimizing local search is a tough and tricky challenge which holds a promise of incredible visibility. This is due to the fact that 73 percent of online activity is related to local content, according to Google; as residents and visitors routinely search for local businesses to patronize. Another poll shows a majority, 59 percent of potential consumers, search for local businesses online, and, 54 percent of consumers rely on zip codes and town names for localized results. These statistics demonstrate why it’s imperative to know how to optimize a website for local search.

How to Optimize a Website for Local Search

A website must have certain essential elements to rank in organic search. Active sites, which consistently publish content, update their sitemaps, which in-turn ping the search engines. This shows a site is active and therefore, is a good resource because new information is being added. Optimized images are another helpful element, which are good for SEO and preferred by consumers.

According to Google, an estimated 73 percent of all online activity is related to local searches. Customers turn to local search to learn about the businesses available in their area and evaluate what companies they would like to patronize. For businesses who want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by these searchers, optimizing your Google local listing is an excellent way to get started. These listings are featured prominently in local SERPs on the popular search engine and are perfect for attracting attention and bringing in new customers. —Search Engine Watch

A quick load time, responsive design or mobile-friendly site, and localized information are necessary, too. For brick-and-mortar businesses, reviews, local affiliations and strategic online local profiles, are also needed. Here are the top tips for how to optimize a website for local search:

  • Identify local search terms. The first step to optimizing your local search is to understand what people are looking for. You can always rely on Google AdWords tool and your own web analytics to figure out what these main search themes are. Through this tool you can optimize geo-targeted keywords by including, your URL, Page Titles, Meta Description as well as H1 and H2 tags.
  • Optimize existing pages. This is a more direct avenue for local search optimization. You simply add the name of your city or municipality in your page titles and include a description of services that you offer. You should also add your business name, address and phone number on the main pages. A sitemap is yet another element to help optimize for local search. Remember to always keep the title to 70 characters or less and the descriptions 150 characters or less.
  • Localize your content. For business that have a number of sites or franchises, you can create landing pages for each location. You can also use these for local search optimization; but, make sure that all the content is unique. There are software solutions to aid your optimization including Rio SEO, Yoast Local SEO search plugin, and more.
  • Optimize for mobile users. Close to 89 percent of all internet users either exclusively use mobile devices or a combination of mobile and desktops. This means if you haven’t optimized your site for mobile users then you have essentially stunted your online visibility potential. Over 69 percent of online users have reported using a non-mobile optimized site and this large consumer audience members vowed never to return. It is also a fact most mobile users give a site only 6 to 8 seconds to load before giving up on it completely.

When seeking local search optimization always aim to be social in your online interactions. While most online visitors are looking for something to buy they are still very keen on the social aspects of your brand. Create holistic content regularly, share it, and receive more brand awareness.

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