June 23, 2022
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What to Know about Website Redesign

Website redesign is something most businesses avoid. It’s the uneasy thought of taking down an existing site, retooling it completely, and putting it back up without missing a beat. Anxiety over something going awry is enough to get the majority of business owners to leave “good enough” alone. Unfortunately, the internet is an ever evolving place and website designs of the past won’t cut it as search algorithms and consumers change.

The process of website development takes into account these landscape sea-changes and the more modern a website design is, the better it will fare in search and functionality. What’s more, redesign incorporates the latest in an increasingly tech-savvy audience. The average visitor isn’t intimately familiar with all the industry jargon. But do fully expect every site easily viewable and functional regardless of how they access the web.

Why Redesign Your Site

There are a number of reasons for a website redesign. For instance, if your current internet property still employs outdated technology. Or, has a slow load time, increasing bounce rate and decreasing conversions. Perhaps your business or industry underwent changes which aren’t reflected on your existing site. Maybe your company has grown but your site is behind the times.

you may want to consider [redesigning] if you rely on your web site to provide a timely or even a cutting edge impression. For example, if your business revolves around technology, a three-year-old web site could harm your intent to be seen as an innovator. Again, it’s a good idea to thoroughly understand who you are as a business and make the changes necessary so your site reflects that to your customers. — Inside Indiana Business (Source)

Other reasons companies choose to update their site because they need new elements put in place. Some businesses need e-commerce, a chat feature, or greater integration with social media. And there are businesses who’ve largely moved away from a brick and mortar whose current sites don’t support their transition. Additionally, mobile or responsive design is now required by Google.

Choosing a Custom Website Redesign

A demonstrable majority of marketers recommend business website updates occur every 13 to 36 months, according to a study by HubSpot. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a person or team to redesign your business’ website:

  • Graphic designers aren’t necessarily website designers. Sure, a graphic designer can create a pretty website. But a draftsman can pencil home elevations. In other words, while a draftsman can “draw” plans for a home, they are not architects, hence, they don’t factor in things like building codes, intended use, electrical and plumbing loads, and all the other aspects that go into actually designing a home that’s safe and comfortable.
  • SEO teams which offer site design often outsource redesign projects. While SEOs certainly know how to up a web property’s organic search rank, they likely have little to no knowledge of coding, architecture, content strategies, and many other aspects that comprise the behind the scenes stuff which make a site functional, intuitive, interactive, and compelling.
  • You get what you pay for. Okay, it is cliché, but it’s also true. If you choose the cheap route, you’ll get “good enough”. What you won’t get is any significant change from before. While the site might look completely different, chances are quite high it will be a type of copy-and-paste job, not a real site redesign.
  • DYI templates are rife with problems. Perhaps you’re savvy enough to work with a template. And you’re thinking about customizing something that’s readily available. Even if you pay a good chunk of change for a template doesn’t mean it isn’t stuffed with bad code — that will be a big problem.

In addition to these signs, another way to tell it’s time for a business website update is it’s been 3 to 5 years since the last refresh or initial build. A lot occurs during three to five years and it’s highly likely your business website is out-of-date.

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